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Played all types of music for their reception, but Abby & Matt specifically asked for 1 set of their favorite hip-hop songs - done!

9.21.19 Olivia & Jason - Cardinal Room, Golf Club of Indiana

9.20.19 Brittany & Austin - Biltwell Event Center

7.19.19 Demi & Ian - Barn at Bay Horse Inn

5.18.19 Kelli & Drew Hilights from their celebration at the Indianapolis Central Library

Call Jim Cerone The Perfect Host now

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How does Jim Cerone stay up to date on new music? Jim answers questions about his secrets, mixing and music philosophy:

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How did Jim Cerone become "The Perfect Host?" DJ Shri interviews Jim in the podcast below:

Why is your cocktail and dinner music SO important? Because as you'll find out below...Jim overthinks everything LOL