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Call Jim Cerone The Perfect Host now

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Does being "The Perfect Host" really make a difference at your wedding reception? Yes! Jim is interviewed about his passion for this concept:

At Mobile Beat 2017 in Las Vegas, UK DJ Chris Binns goes Facebook Live with Jim Cerone to talk music and being The Perfect Host:

How does Jim Cerone stay up to date on new music? Jim answers questions about his secrets, mixing and music philosophy:

On location in Miami, CEO of FUN Jodi Harris asks Jim Cerone to share a tip for YOU:

How does Jim Cerone's experience as a Radio Music Director make YOUR dance floor better? Jason Jones interviews Jim here:

How did Jim Cerone become "The Perfect Host?" DJ Shri interviews Jim in the podcast below:

Why is your cocktail and dinner music SO important? Because as you'll find out below...Jim overthinks everything LOL