Jamie & Chris 12.22.07

3 days before Christmas, Jamie and Chris tied their knot with a holiday bow. Even the cake was from "you-know-who:"

Their first dance was a great song by Lifehouse called "Everything"

What's fun for me is how my weddings are connected to each other (like 6 Degrees of Separation...LOL). Jamie was a bridesmaid in Jennifer's wedding in 2006. That's Jen with her hand in the air, returning the favor and singing along with Jamie:

It was truly a pleasure getting to know Chris and Jamie. They are so laid back (especially Chris with his deep voiced, "hey") and love to just hang out with family and friends. They also love downtown Indy and that's why they chose to have their ceremony and reception at the Mavris Arts and Events Center, with its beautiful interior and incredible view of the skyline.

John Mavris and Amanda Lopez covered every detail and I also got the chance to work with photographer Heather Harris for the first time. BTW, the amateur photos posted here are snapped by me, unless otherwise noted. I am a Wedding DJ, not a photographer!

To wrap up the evening, Jamie & Chris' guests all gathered around them in a circle of love to wish them a long, happy life together! A wonderful ending to their Christmas love story.