Angie & Andy 8.30.08

During Angie & Andy's formal toasts, all 237 of us heard a beautiful reminder of the 2 key ingredients needed for a successful marriage:

1. Respect
2. Love

To have one, you must have the other - poetic!

Angie & Andy's evening began when their guests stepped off the elevator and gasped at the incredibly impressive Indiana Roof Ballroom. Decorated beautifully with floral centerpieces and specialty lighting, the room was literally breathtaking:


Angie & Andy's Head Table:

GM Antonia Zunarelli, Craig, Jimmy, the Indiana Roof Ballroom wait staff (and bartenders!) treated everyone like royalty. In addition, Scott McKay and his tech staff produced an amazing "thunderstorm" during Andy & Angie's Grand Entrance. Every moment unfolded like clockwork, including when they cut this spectacular cake: