In Memory of Kemp Harshman 1948-2010

"It is with great sadness that on behalf of the ADJA board of directors that we announce the passing of long time ADJA member & legal Advisor, Kemp Harshman." - ADJA Press Release

None of us will ever know just how many people Kemp Harshman helped. He was quiet and unassuming but also one of the most intelligent and thoughtful people I have ever met. A conversation with him revealed that he was much, much smarter than you but his kindness never made you feel ignorant by any means. Instead he was able to phrase things in such a way to make it easy to understand even complex topics. In other words, he could translate legalese for us humans.

Conversely, he was also tough and resolute when dealing with some extremely challenging situations on behalf of the ADJA. His involvement in the American Disc Jockey Association stretched from the earliest days through to the present day. Those who sought his counsel and advice (myself included) have stronger contracts to protect both our clients and ourselves and a better understanding of why we need those protections.

Kemp Harshman was the perfect dinner guest. Knowledgeable on a wide variety of subjects, sensitive enough to know when to stay quiet and when to interject and kind enough to know when it was time to say good night. We wish you peace, my friend - Jim Cerone