7.3.10 Erin & Bentley

Inspiring. Beautiful. Joyous.

Words that describe the feeling at Erin & Bentley's amazing celebration.

Erin's Dad had the crowd laughing (and crying) with his welcome and the night only got better.

Everything about Erin & Bentley's celebration at the Terrace was warm, welcoming and whimsical; designed for the comfort of their guests.

From the way they fed each other cupcakes (yes, napkins were needed...) to their incredible SURPRISE first dance, Erin & Bentley kept their guests "guessing" and everyone had a blast!

Big thanks to Patti & John Stowers and their terrific
Oasis Catering staff.

Great working with Photog
Katie & Kristin and their staff (guests had a blast with their photo booth and props!).

Props to Mr. & Mrs. Cozza, my clients from 2007 who introduced me to Erin & Bentley. When it's your turn
JimCerone.com .
Location: Terrace at Market Tower, Indianapolis, Indiana