11.5.11 Beth & Nic, Rathskeller, Indianapolis, Indiana

Beth & Nic are always laughing and smiling at one another.  Every time we met in my office, they were cracking each other up.
When the music to "Let's Go (The Colts Theme)" dropped, they surprised everyone with their Colts jerseys 'n' shades.
All their bridesmaids, groomsmen, ushers and family have one thing in common - they LOVE Beth and Nic.  
You could hear it in their laughter and see it in their smiles all night long.
Beth & Nic's first dance to "Just You & Me" by Chicago.
Then, in a night FULL of highlights...
Beth and her Dad Bob brought the house down
with their surprise choreographed Father & Daughter dance!
Beth & Nic's 200 guests stormed the dance floor, packed the photo booth
and the single ladies gathered 'round to catch Beth's bouquet.
What a night!

Big thanks to Mary, Josh, Jackie and The Rathskeller staff (Beth & Nic are regulars!).  

A pleasure working with Summer Yates of Summerly Photography.

Also on hand, Top Hat Photo Booths.

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