10.9.10 Dawn & Kris, The Ritz Charles Garden Pavilion

10.9.10 Dawn & Kris, The Ritz Charles Garden Pavilion, Carmel (Indianapolis), Indiana

Dawn and her Mom are Super Facebook Friends. We had such fun keeping in touch and sharing ideas.

When Dawn & Kris' wedding day arrived, I felt like part of the family. And, really... what's better than that?

A favorite moment was meeting Dawn's grandmother, who is sweet and feisty all at the same time.

The weather was perfect, Dawn was stunning, Kris was handsome, and their celebration? Extraordinary.
Thank you to Laura, Jessica and the Ritz Charles staff; the Garden Pavilion is a wonderful place to play on a balmy October evening.

A pleasure partnering with Photographer Buffy Hostetler and her assistant.

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