12.4.10 Anne & Kotaro, IMA, Indianapolis, Indiana

Indianapolis Museum of Art (IMA), Indianapolis, Indiana - the Kaleidescope Room:
Pulliam Great Hall set beautifully for Anne & Kotaro's guests:
 We had great fun creating special touches for their wedding celebration.
Anne & Kotaro's fully stocked Candy Bar!
Origami to honor Kotaro's heritage.
When I first met Anne & Kotaro, their love and playfulness were obvious. They are so at ease with each other.
They did a "reverse" first dance - OMG and then Better Together!
 Anne & Kotaro's guests really LOVE to dance!

Many thanks to Nicole Minor and her staff for hosting us upstairs at IMA:http://www.imamuseum.org/a

Jenny Oden and her staff at Kahn's Catering: http://www.kahnscatering.com/

Fun to work with photographers Sara and Mallary:http://saraandmallary.com/

Will he pop the question soon? I'll be waiting... http://www.jimcerone.com/