12.11.10 Becca & Dan, Marriott North Keystone, Indianapolis, Indiana

Becca & Dan threw an AMAZING party!  

263 guests, fantastic toasts, a surprise first song by Dan's brother and a packed dance floor.

Dan's brother wrote, sang and played their first dance. 

Becca & Dan caught up in the moment.

This one goes, "Blame it all on my roots..." 
Becca & Dan's reception was like a human highlight film...
...it was hard to pick pics coz there were so many incredible moments. 
Becca proves she can definitely get down.
Dan's fraternity brothers give him a real "Magic Carpet Ride!"  
End of the night and they're still going strong! 
Awarded for their commitment to service, Maureen Peterson and the Marriott North staff were truly a pleasure to work with.

Enjoyed teaming together alongside Photographer Kirsten Wray

And I'm fortunate anytime I'm at the same wedding with my good friend Bob Ridge of IndyVisual.

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